Building Surveys & Asset Inspection

Asset inspections and structural surveys can sometimes be challenging, especially when they need to be carried out at height. With health and safety concerns being at the forefront of most companies operations, it makes sense to remove the human factor and some of the danger as much as practicable. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or drones have been at the forefront of technological developments in this area. Therefore making it safer, easier and quicker to complete complicated building inspections and asset surveys safely.

Using drones to complete inspections and surveys gives us the ability to cover a lot of ground quickly versus the traditional methods i.e. fixed platforms/towers and human inspection. This provides our clients with a quick, comprehensive and cost-effective service with minimal disruption to day to day activities. This is a non-invasive method guaranteeing there is no remedial damage caused to structures and buildings.

Why Chose Helidragon To Carry Out An Asset Inspection?

We are proud to say that we are a responsible UAV operator, you will find us listed on the Drone Safe Register. Being included on the register ensures that we are fully licensed, trained and have all appropriate insurances in place giving you complete piece of mind.

Equipment is key to our success, we operate a range of state of the art industrial drones with different camera combinations. This is to ensure we have the equipment for the job at hand. Our UAV pilots have years of industry experience across extensive market sectors meaning that on the day our team will get the job done efficiently and professionally.

Our motto is do it once, do it right. We will carry out a thorough scoping exercise and provide a full method of work/dynamic risk assessment of the asset or subject to be assessed. Our team will take the time to complete a comprehensive planning process to ensure the job is executed efficiently on the day. Guaranteeing you are getting value for money at all times.

This flexible approach lends itself to an endless list of asset inspections and building surveys such as;

  • Roof Damage/Guttering Inspections
  • Chimney Inspections – Domestic & Commercial
  • Building Site Surveys
  • Wind Turbines
  • Pipelines
  • Infrastructure Inspections - Rail Tracks/Utilities
  • Communication Towers & Pylons

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