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Empowering Your Success in Heavy Engineering & Construction

What makes Helidragon different to other film production companies?

At Helidragon, our mission is to empower Heavy Engineering & Construction Companies like yours to showcase your expertise on a global scale, ultimately helping you secure new business opportunities.

What Sets Helidragon Apart?

What distinguishes Helidragon from other film production companies? It’s our unwavering commitment to your unique needs and objectives:

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Why Choose Us?

Drawing from extensive experience working alongside professionals across various industry sectors, you, as the valued viewer or client, can benefit from our rich background. Our unwavering dedication to Health & Safety and client-focused service has consistently delivered positive results throughout our extensive history. These values naturally extend to cater to your specific needs.


It is important to note that we proudly hold CAA authorisation for commercial operating with Pre defined Risk assessment authorised by the Civil Aviation, CAA. The inclusion in this esteemed register ensures the highest standards of integrity and compliance, providing you with the assurance you seek when choosing your drone pilot partner.

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Xiang Wong

Allan from Helidragon truly stands out as the go-to professional for filming in heavy industries. I had the privilege of working with Allan at the Port of Blyth to capture a prototype drone in action. We encountered multiple scenarios: filming at height, within confined spaces, and in congested areas. Despite the challenge of shooting at four different locations in a single day, Allan and his team managed with ease, without breaking a sweat. More importantly, they perfectly captured the essence of what we aimed to showcase with the prototype. We received all deliverables within a week, including the rough cut. I cannot recommend Allan highly enough. If you're in need of professional filming that's well-versed in safety requirements of heavy industry environments, look no further than Helidragon.

Xiang Wong


Olivia Hudson Smith

Allan has an excellent understanding of the offshore energy and maritime industries, meaning he is able to capture the most interesting parts of complex operations without hesitation. Allan is incredibly flexible and will go above and beyond to accommodate last minute requests. Thank you Allan for the countless projects you have helped me with over the years!

Olivia Smith

Port of Blyth

Stewart Brennan

I like working with Allan because he is really professional and well organised but also has a very creative mind. Allan seems to have a feel for what works and what doesn't. I've always found the end product to be really high quality and surpasses expectations. His films bring a project to life in a way that still photography can't achieve.
I have no hesitation in recommending Allan & Helidragon to others.

Stewart Brennan

Consultant Engineer

Drone Services UK

We offer a wide range of drone services throughout the UK including:

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