Helidragon Aerial Imaging

Helidragon Aerial Imaging services was founded in 2016 by industry professionals intent on being pioneers and leaders in the drone technology industry. Having spent over 25 years working in the industry as professional photographers, this seemed like a logical development for the business to take. It also reflects the changing face of the marketplace.

The power of video and aerial imagery is and will continue to grow in demand at a fast pace.


The Helidragon team are a CAA licensed operator listed on the Drone Safe Register. The Drone Register guarantee the integrity and a level of compliance that you should be looking for in your chosen drone pilot partner.

Helidragon produces high definition aerial imagery in the form of video still photography, ortho-mosaic and 3D models for a broad range of clients and industries. We focus on our client’s long-term requirements and specific applications. We are able to offer drone aerial imaging solutions that surpass industry standards. Our customers use Helidragon solutions to ensure compliance, enhance worker safety and capture more accurate, repeatable data to improve decision-making.

With a strong background working alongside industry professionals from a varied cross section of market sectors, the team at Helidragon have gained a vast amount of experience. Our strong commitment to health & safety and focused customer service has served us well during our long history. These ethics naturally crossover.

Interested in how Helidragon aerial imaging could impact your business? Call or email today to discuss your specific project requirement with one of our qualified pilots.